What is CODE?

 The recent past has highlighted that the world is fast-changing, whether it is the recession or the pandemic, who survives such calamities? Darwin’s Theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest’, says that the species which has the ability to adapt to face the change survive. So, the point is to make ourselves THE FITTEST to survive. The fast-changing world has also provided us with the best tools, technology and connectivity. Why not use this to anticipate change and equip ourselves, adapt ourselves to the future scenario. For this reason, the Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science – deemed to be a University, brings to your home world-class education, through its Centre for Open and Digital Education. The graduate and postgraduate programmes offered by CODE are specially designed, keeping in mind the ever-changing Industry requirements. These programmes are intended to reduce the industry-academia gap, especially looking at the fact that during the pandemic, certain jobs have b

New Normal in Education

Before the year 2020 when the pandemic struck, many works were being done in a traditional way for ages. We never thought of changing the way these works were being done. But the pandemic presented many challenges and forced us to think in a way where our way of life changed. It created new work paths which were more efficient, but this also meant that many jobs became redundant or obsolete. The people involved in these jobs had only two options, either they face a job loss or they learn new skills or upskill themselves to be able to retain their jobs. And this option of upskilling presented itself during a lockdown situation when people could not even step out of their homes. This two-sided sword of fear of job loss and lockdown also brought a rational change in the way learning / education was perceived till now. People started looking at online courses as a safe and valid option, be it for regular graduation / post-graduation courses or skill-based courses. People started adapting